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Hypnosis is recognized by the medical profession as a useful and powerful complementary therapy.  In 1955 the British Medical Association issued a report stating "that hypnosis was a valuable medical tool".  In 1958 the American Medical Association recognized hypnosis "as a viable scientific modality".  And, in 1962 the American Psychiatric Association recognized that hypnosis "was a viable modality to treat some psychological problems".
The occupation of "Hypnotherapist" has been defined and assigned an identification number (079.157.0110) in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  It reads as follows:
"Hypnotherapist induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior through hypnosis; consults with client to determine the nature of the problem; prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what the client will experience; tests subject to determine degrees of physical and emotional suggestibility; induces techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client's problem; may train client in self-hypnosis."  

 Hypnosis Factor  is here now to assist you in making rapid changes with personal issues.  The term "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word for sleep "hypnos". Yet, YOU are never actually asleep during hypnosis, just in a wonderful state of relaxation.   Our practice, Hypnosis Factor, helps you clearly see your way or your path through the use of hypnosis and change your ultimate reality to what you NOW know you desre

 Hypnosis has been a part of us for as long as the human species has been a part of our Earth. Hypnosis is the name that has been given to a state called "trance". During this state your subconscious mind, your unconscious mind, is open to suggestion. Hypnosis is that feeling when you just begin to drift off and allow your imagination to wander, that state when your conscious mind finds itself focused on something else. You can still perform that task at hand; you just don't need to think about what you are doing.  Like driving your car, from repetition you've learned what to do, you've developed an Unconscious Competence. Your driving actions have become automatic.....UC! Just imagine you're driving your car, very competently, and you notice a police vehicle, which causes you to focus harder on not making a driving mistake. It's like the more you focus on driving properly, the harder it is. Trying harder to be perfect at your driving makes it more difficult to succeed.  Then, the police vehicle goes away and your unconscious competence returns. Hypnosis helps you focus your unconscious mind so you become more competent in changing YOUR life.
 Hypnosis finds its place as a science dealing with mind and body interactions. Of all of the hypnotic phenomena, relaxation  is the most easily and consistently observed.  The feeling of relaxation in hypnosis can range from mild to pervasive peacefulness, allowing the parts of the mind that contribute to anxiety to be quieted. Relaxation is a complex global state involving not only physical and physiological realms but also dimensions touching upon the emotions and thought processes. Hypnosis in its relaxing action touches all dimensions of your body and psyche. It could be said that hypnosis is the most potent non-pharmacological relaxing agent known to science.

 In a hypnotherapy session, you're more open than usual to suggestion, and this can be used to modify your perceptions, behavior, sensations and emotions.  Hypnosis is used to improve your health and well-being.  You are completely safe during hypnosis. Although you're more open to suggestion, your free will remains intact and you don't lose control over your behavior. When you're under hypnosis your attention is highly focused and you're more responsive to suggestions, including behavior changes that can help you stop smoking, release weight, enhance your motivation, relieve stress, study better, concentrate better at your job, improve your golf game and a number of other personal improvement issues. After hypnosis the changes to your life become automatic because you've stimulated to action the behavioral desires you've already held inside.  

 Your unconscious mind runs the programs you've installed.....and, you can change or modify these programs, just as with a computer. Hypnosis along with visualization and emotional anchoring techniques helps you create the changes you desire, more rapidlyYou actually gain more control from the hypnotic process, allowing you to make the change(s) you want.  
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 Whatever we call hypnosis, "a state of mind", "a goal directed behavior" or "merely a state of exaggerated suggestibility, induced by artificial means", there is a strong argument that our entire life is influenced by susceptibility to prestige suggestions. As an infant you are taught by the suggestions of your parents, this continues with the dos and don'ts of your childhood and your associations with peers. You absorb suggestions of behavior from your parents, friends and teachers.  You are receiving suggestions from television, radio, video games and the Internet.  As you go through your teen years, you continue to incorporate "hypnotic" suggestions into your subconscious mind and they remain as influences on your actions and decisions throughout your entire life, preferably in constructive ways.

 Throughout your life, post high school education, training, employment, your relationships, you are influenced by your professors, employers, co-workers, partners and spouses. You have to filter through the many stimuli that enter your daily life, allowing some in and consciously keeping other stimuli out. The repetition of stimuli from all sources throughout your life has a hypnotic effect, becoming the sum total of your life's experiences. During your life you may experience heightened suggestibility, as when being disciplined by a parent or employer; or, suggestion may come in a more subtle form, it doesn't really matter how suggestion is defined, it is more important how repetitive the stimuli becomes. Your subconscious mind allows many stimuli (suggestions) to penetrate into you, often unnoticed.  Stronger emotion usually tends to replace a weaker one.  In life, you often desire to change one behavior for another, for example a positive habit for a negative habit.  Hypnosis helps you make behavioral changes quicker

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Hypnosis helps you unlock the power of your subconscious mind, allowing your unconscious mind to NOW guide YOU to the change you already know you want!  You can literally change your behavior so rapidly that you will be amazed. Imagine.....stopping smoking, releasing weight, improving your confidence, overcoming anger, achieving your goals.  With hypnosis you can achieve change  today.

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**** Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the State as healing arts practitioners; some issues may require a written referral from a licensed physician or mental health professional.