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Hi Obert,

  Thank you for texting me and checking in. Funny because one of the items on my to do list was to e-mail you to thank you profusely for helping me to quit smoking. I believe it has been over 3 weeks now and I am completely smoke free. I don't even have the desire. I cannot express enough what a wonderful experience I had working with you. You really took the time to listen and hone in on what I needed and it paid off. I am feeling great.

With Much Gratitude,
James D.

Obert, A beautiful experience!

  I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis, but Obert's name happened to appear in my emails and i've learned not to ignore that kind of gentle nudge. I appreciated that before we met, Obert asked via email what kinds of concerns I wanted to address. I didn't know what kind of office I might be going to, and was pleasantly surprised. His workspace is lovely, calm and serene. Obert himself communicates that same serenity, as well as obvious skill and concern. I felt heard and understood as we talked about the issues I'm dealing with. Thorance was quick to get the essence under the details, and his suggestions were practical, on point, and compassionately offered. After our counseling session, our hypnosis session began, and I felt very comfortable and safe. Indeed my mind did feel open and receptive and energized. Afterward i went out and began working on the goals Thorance and I created. It was a great feeling. I absolutely recommend Obert and believe he would be able to help with all kinds of challenges. A five-star experience!

Anne S.

Hi Obert!

  You're a wonderful healer and Hypnotherapist. Your hypnosis services are tremendous. Your pricing 'deals" are unbeatable. 

  Think about it...IF NOTHING ELSE...the relaxation I felt in my hypnotherapy session felt as refreshing as I "imagine" that 3 months of perfect sleep would have felt. I also felt like I had done 3 years of GOOD 'in' my body. And I was so happy with myself, I just giggled as I walked out the door. It was better than all the therapy I have put myself in for the last 5 years. I wish I knew of this 'short-cut' earlier...but then again, it just may have been perfect timing.


Hi, Obert!

 How are you?

  I've been wanting to get a hold of you to say hi, it was really nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the special hypnosis session. Ever since that weekend, I have noticed an undeniable (positive) shift in my life; it's pretty incredible, and I get the feeling it's only the beginning.

  I really appreciate your burning me that CD of our session, too. That will get some good use!  I hope you are doing well.

Regina (North Carolina )

Hi Dr, Obert,

  It  was  such  a  pleasure  working  with  you. You are a very kind, gentle, and knowledgeable man. You are very easy to talk to. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into helping  me.  And thank you for sending that email of afterthoughts. They are all very interesting and good for me to think about. I also want to let you know that since our meeting, my confidence is stronger in resisting urges to go backwards so I can now move on. I'm excited to listen to the CD you made for me,
Thanks again,



Hey Obert,

  Anyone considering a hypnotherapy session should "absolutely" consider Obert.  He has a masters knowledge of the craft, and an instinctive knack for finding the perfect approach to any issue. There are a lot of mediocre hypnotists out there, Obert is the real deal.  Check him out.  Thanks.

Brian (Las Vegas, NV)

Dr. Brinley:

  I was amazed at how quickly hypnosis helped me stop smoking.  Over the past several months my desire to want a puff on a cigarette has remained gone.  I had tried several times to stop smoking over the years and never achieved success like I got with your hypnotherapy session.  Thanks from me, and and my family and kids thank you too.  Bless you.


Thanks Obert,

  You definitely set me on the right path to reducing my weight.  In the past six months I've released over 60 pounds.  I am still in need of shedding more pounds, but I remain motivated to continue on my way to better health.  Who would've believed that working with you and using hypnosis, I would feel so much better.  My confidence is stronger too. Thank you.

Meghan C.


  I honor the hypnosis sessions we had, helping me with my motivation.  My sales ability was lagging behind my peers.  After working with you for only three sessions, my confidence returned. My sales have increased steadily over the past year, even in a tougher economy.  I now set reachable goals and I'm achieving them. Wow, your direction through hypnosis has allowed me to provide a better life for me and my wife.  We are planning to buy a new home soon, thanks to your help in getting my sales results on track again.  Hypnosis has changed me and my life in so many ways. 



Dear Obert,

  Thank you for the wonderful and uplifting hypnosis session.  I thought you might be interested to know that when I went home that evening, I had a message from a yoga center in San Luis Obispo asking whether I would be interested in teaching their Vedic astrology module for their yoga teacher training program. I thought that  was very interesting.

  I am leaving for Europe next weekend and this coming week is very busy, but I would like to make another appointment with you.

Many thanks!

In Light,


 I'm So Grateful!!!

  I had heard some positive things about hypnosis, but was skeptical and wasn’t sure if I should try therapy AGAIN, or this. I saw a deal and decided to go for it--I am so happy I did. Obert met me in his office on the weekends. He spoke to me at length about my childhood, family, friends, work, relationships and took notes the entire time. Mainly, I wanted to work on confidence and self love and if there was time we could work on other issues. After my first session, I left there feeling energized, like the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I was surprised by how fast I released negative energy that years of therapy and several professionals had not been able to get me to do. It just didn't sink in before because I never felt as comfortable and relaxed with other professionals--it’s as if he “flipped a switch” in me. By the time my second and third sessions came around, I was ready to tackle those other issues. It’s not miracle-work, you have to really want to change and I listen to my recordings daily. With his guidance, I now choose to be happy, productive, relaxed and even thinner! Obert is truly a gift given to myself. I am excited to continue our work and see where it takes me! 

Debbie T.

Obert is my hero

  As a last ditch effort I wanted to try Hypnotherapy to help me quit smoking. From the second I met Obert  I felt completely comfortable and in capable hands. Mostly I appreciated the fact that he really took the time to get to know a little bit about me and what I was hoping to gain from our session. It has been a month since I went to see him and I am completely smoke free. I am so grateful to him for making me a much healthier person and I still have not even had a little bit of a desire to smoke. Thank you Obert, you literally are a lifesaver! 

Jami R.

  Welcome to change.....
           Hypnosis can change your life now.....
Certified Hypnotherapist:  OBERT, CHt, D.C.H.
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